Friday, February 27, 2009

Shakespeare is very hard to understand

Shakespeare is very hard to understand. Currently in English we are reading and studying A Midsummer Nightʼs Dream. This is one of the easier ones. We have just finished reading the play. Soon we will have a cumulative test on the entire play. I really donʼt get what makes Shakespeare so great. I mean the language is unique and the plot funny, but I donʼt see the art and complexity of his writing. It seems the storyline is always based on 2 things. Marriage or everyone dying. The words are also very hard to understand. And the language strange. The humor is crude and every bit is strange. Their speeches are long and hard to decipher. There are good parts. The good things about the plays and the poems are the good morals and intelligent interpretation of the plays. They may have flaws, but all of his works do have merit.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Rubikʼs cube

A rubikʼs cube is an interesting puzzle invented by erno rubik in the early 20 century. It has over 4 quadrillion combinations possible so it is very hard to solve. Luckily there are techniques that are used to make solving one easy. The world record for speedcubing is less than 10 seconds. My personal record is 45 seconds.
There are 3 techniques and the more efficient ones are much harder but allow speedcubing to be possible. There are also variations on the 3x3 like the Rubikʼs Revenge, a 4x4 and the Professors Cube, a 5x5. Eastsheen has developed 6x6 and 7x7s.
They are exciting puzzles and solving one is a feat that almost everyone takes to great surprise and makes them believe you are a genius, when really, the technique for solving one is quite simple indeed.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Pride is a big factor of many societies. The pride of its people seems to have no limit. Almost everyone in this world cares more about what they think than about he thoughts of others. This is what makes arguments difficult. One side wont be able to see other peoplesʼ opinions and there fore, is oblivious to otherʼs thoughts and decisions and therefore makes the arguments harder to settle. This is a major obstacle in peopleʼs way and halts them from accomplishing their goals as easily. It also makes many people unaware of other peopleʼs pain and as time crawls on, people become less and less aware. Sooner or later, people turn ungrateful. They become crueler. This would lead to collapse and after a long, long time, the decomposition and deterioration of civilization. How to avoid this? Pay attention to the world and all it has to offer. Pay attention to other people. Pay attention to anyone but yourself more than you already do. In other words, be selfless. If everyone were to do this, the world would not need to be saved from anything, even if an apocalypse were to happen. Cooperation would save the world.

Monday, February 23, 2009

The day after a vacation

The days after a vacation can be very tough. The thought of having to go back to school is very depressing for many people. But on the bright side, for many people the break can be a refreshing experience and going back to school fresh would be nice. Also, sometimes the vacation is a boring experience and a tiring one. If one has to stay inside for a full week and have to work again can sometimes be a tiring experience. And the experience of returning to the old is an enlightening and nice experience by itself. And if one has had an especially boring time, meeting oneʼs fellow classmates again is a great experience.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

We are wasting something each day

Wasting time, energy, money, resources and life is not the smartest idea. If someone gets something, say, a tape player, but doesnʼt get a tape, then what is the point of getting the tape player? Also, in these harsh economic times, why would the company that is receiving a bailout, waste the bailout? Why would the government spend so much of its money on issues that are not needed? Why would people stand around and waste time when they know full well that their time is ticking away every nanosecond they are laying around, reading this paragraph, or in my case typing this paragraph? Fossil fuels reserves on the planet are rapidly deteriorating and we are burning it by the tons every minute. Nobody in the world seems to care about what is happening. Everything is falling apart and they are all doing what people do best, waste time.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Prototype This

Thereʼs this show called Prototype This on Discovery. The guys there are geniuses. They are inventing the types of things that the common people could only speculate and dream about, like body motion sensitive robots. So far, as Iʼve seen, human motion sensitive Robot boxing, motor propelled sofas, waterslide simulators, personal airbags, 6-legged robots, psychic spoon bending machinery, and machinery that can sense human emotion, and above all, remote control of objects through the mind. Its quite amazing. Some of those things help mankind, others are just awesome pieces of equipment.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

What if?

I was just wondering what if different people see in different colors. For example, what if one person saw green as what someone else saw as blue? This would change everything. If one was to live in the other personʼs world, then what would they think? One would have to look on the labels on colors to figure things out. Of course i am sure many people have thought about this too. This mightʼve come from the idea of different color eyes. Someone with green eyes might see things differently than a person with blue or black eyes. Just something to ponder about while riding in a car getting oneʼs head bored off.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

The martial arts

The martial arts is a curious thing. At times it is used as an art of war. Other times it is used as a tool for peace and meditation, exercise and the bettering of oneself. It is fighting written fancily. One must be calm and determined in order to win. One must have discipline.
There are several types of martial arts including boxing, kung fu, karate, taekwondo, wrestling, muay thai, choikwondo, and street fighting. Normally when people say Martial Arts, they usually mean the Asian variety. Many people mistakenly assume that martial arts are merely a categorized and developed style of fighting, but there is much more to it. People get stronger doing Martial Arts seriously than most exercises machines. And once one masterʼs martial arts, they also must learn controlling themselves. In a way martial arts are also passive. It requires speed and agility, strength and understanding. Some world acclaimed martial artists include Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, Jet Li and the list goes on.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Contrast: a remarkable thing

Contrast is a remarkable thing. It is literally 2 sides of the same coin. One is one way and the other is the other way.
Life can have contrast also. There are the high moments and there are the low moments. Things can jump from being great to apocalyptic. Contrast defines change. When change occurs it is different but serious change involves contrast. When contrasted the situation can turn things around, oneʼs personality can turn around and someone can turn from a moody, angry and unstable person at the edge of a cliff, about to fall over to a jolly person that easily controls himself if he finds that the cliff is only an inch tall and the bottom is filled with pillows and money. Life fluctuates and contrasts all the time so we can find ourselves happy in one moment and depressed in another. Serious changes can lead to a complete change of personality. This is often the case that is avoided, unless the contrasting change turns the person or thing in a positive way.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Argument on national bank

The argument in the government between Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton was going on for some time and its still going on. Their most recent argument is the one of the national bank issue.
Hamilton is in support of the bank and Jefferson is against it. At this point Congress is debating whether or not to create a bank or not. They are currently not sure about the legality of the situation because it may be unconstitutional to create a national bank. There are currently 2 main opinions in the matter. One of them is Hamiltonʼs idea and the other one is Jeffersonʼs. The two of them are respectively Pro-national bank and Con-national bank. Hamilton was the one who came up with the plan of a national bank in hopes of giving the national economy a new factor. He hoped that the national bank would be a bank where the government could store its money. Hamiltonʼs ideas of a national bank also lead him to the idea of a national mint, where the United States could produce its own coins. This bank would be able to lend money to various businesses and the government. Hamilton also knew the risks of the kind of power this Bank would bring so he drew up a 20-year charter, where after the time was up, only congress would be able to decide if the bank would continue to exist or not. He also asked the states to each start their own banks to ensure that this bank would not monopolize the system. Hamilton also stated that the bank was in accordance with the powers granted to the Congress though the constitution. Specifically, Article I Section 8 gave them the power, otherwise known as the elastic clause. He obviously thought that the National Bank and the mint were necessary and proper for the Nation to function efficiently. This is what some people call loose construction of the constitution. Like always, Jefferson was against Hamilton, whatever Hamilton agreed with, it was almost certain that Jefferson would disagree. Both Jefferson and Madison thought that the National Bank was a risky idea. They did not believe that the U.S. constitutionʼs elastic clause cover this kind of stuff. This is what some people call strict construction, adhering by what exactly what the constitution says, no loopholes. Jefferson also believes that necessary only should be applied in special situations and that the law only applies to the things that necessary and proper, not merely convenient.
Currently, the public opinion is leaning towards Hamiltonʼs side and Washington is more supportive of Hamilton. Hamiltonʼs idea is a great idea. There is nothing that can go wrong. It is a plan that is supposed to improve the economy and give the government a bigger leverage in the economy. It is designed to aid, not to harm. The only thing that is in its way is a minor technicality in the constitution called strict construction. It is the fundamental basis of the elastic clause to provide areas of the government in which the congress can improve or update. The national bank is a plan used to strengthen the United States of America and there is nothing serious stopping it, so donʼt stop it.

Monday, February 9, 2009

What do people do before tests

Before tests, what do people do? Do they study? Do they linger and try to forget about the test or do they panic?
I like the second option. Usually they studying is already done in class. Unless the test involves memorization like the knowledge of capitals or something like that. Normally, when I take a test, I just use common sense and the knowledge that I picked up from class. And so far, the technique has worked perfectly for me in every school except for the hard ones. It seems that I only need one look under pressure and I do fine. This is why when I get a bad grade, I gripe over it more than normal people do, because I keep wondering that if I had studied some more, I wouldʼve done much better. Luckily that has happened only a handful of times so I am confident that my technique works better than 4 hours of studying, taking notes and memorization put together, you just need to be determined and have a large capacity for knowledge intake.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Microwaves are amazing

Microwaves are amazing. For one thing they are extremely handy when it comes to cooking stuff because of its amazing energy output that cooks things instantaneously. It can also be used to cook up aspirins and other types of drugs quicker than the usual way. But the greatest achievement done using a microwave is cooking random things in it like Gamecubes, remote controls, wiimotes, watermelons, lightbulbs, even rubik’s cubes. Just pop one of those things in, take cover, and when it stops, look inside and see what kind of devastation you’ve caused to the thing you put in. For example, ping pong balls go in and start exploding. If you put a microwave in a microwave, the microwave in the microwave breaks the host microwave. In fact there is a series of episodes on Youtube soley devoted to putting things inside microwaves and seeing what happens. So far, they’ve gone through over 7 microwaves, 3 locations and have broken several electronics, a Barbie doll, 2 furbies, a Pikachu, a baker dozen eggs, thermite, a spray paint bottle, a rubik’s cube and several bars of soap. There have been a total of 133 episodes and 5 seasons and still counting.

Friday, February 6, 2009

They are fighting for a reason

*****a school report****
In the very beginning, Earl Percy’s hand held up a sword flashing in the light, the beacon of inspiration. The Redcoats charged. They charged forward, transforming into a single entity with all the power of a conqueror. A scarlet dragon as they say. A force of domination. Awing and destroying everything in its way. One sees Johnny, skeptical that the poor farmer minutemen even stood a chance against the incredible force that was approaching them. As they charged away from Boston, it seemed that the war was over before it even began. That all was lost. That all that they had been working for, protesting for and fighting for was lost, that they had no chance against the invincible, omnipotent British Army. With all of this, it isn’t surprising that the people were extremely surprised when the British come back. In the beginning, they don’t see anything. Then the army comes back. They come back pathetic, disparate and individuals. Disheartened and as Esther Forbes describes, red ants. All of the hope that was lost when the British left was rushing back with the defeated British. They know now that they have a chance, that they could make it through the war alive and free. And as for the British, they realize that they are not merely fighting a group of poor farmers fighting for an imaginary freedom, they are fighting for a reason, and that reason was what was keeping them up. They ideal that a man could stand up.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

a great site for reference: Wikipedia

Wikipedia is a great site for reference. It is a site where people can post information about any topic they wish. Some say that the information on the site is faulty because it can be posted and edited by anyone. But by my experience almost all of the information on the site is genuine. One of the best things about it is that it is partially opinion based. This allows personal experiences to be shared. And since anyone can post stuff, there is nearly an article on everything. On a normal encyclopedia there are only select topics on wikipedia, everyone contributes. There are also some specific encyclopedias devoted to specific topics. Topics like Halo, Spore, Eragon and Dragonball Z. Many people use wikipedia for their everyday enlightenment needs. Things like projects, essays, and homework use wikipedia. In a nutshell, wikipedia is an all purpose awesome encyclopedia.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


At my school, we are currently having a snowshoeing course. I does not like it very much because I came from the South. I am going to rant about it in this essay just to get all the pent up frustration out.
First off we are expected to wear heavy winter clothes. Sadly, outside it is currently too warm to be wearing jackets, but is too cold to be without them. The P.E. teachers say that if we don’t wear the jackets we go out and freeze in school clothes. Even if its snowing out.
Secondly. The snowshoes don’t work very well. We sink just about as much as boots do and it seems that the only thing that keeps the snowshoes from completely sinking is a combination of spread out weight distribution and packing of the snow and anyway, the extra 2 pounds strapped to one’s feet is debilitating and it makes walking harder. They have about 70 pairs of snowshoes each costing them around 88 dollars. That’s a crazy 6160 dollars. Our water fountain in the gym isn’t working and the school looks like a literal jail. With 6k one can at least get the water fountains online and make some renovations to the building instead of wasting all of it on ridiculous snowshoes that people hate and don’t work as well as the older types do.

Monday, February 2, 2009

A mobius strip

A mobius strip is one of the strangest strips of paper in existence, yet it is remarkably easy to create. Just get a strip of paper, loop it in a circle and make one twist on it. This loop only has one side. If you run your finger on the strip, you feel both sides. A piece of paper with only one side. Remarkable! If you carefully cut the mobius strip into 2 down the middle, it turns into a big loop, not 2 loops. This big loop has 4 twists in it. If you cut it another time, it turns into a loop looping around another loop. Mobius strips are definitely a thing of complexity and amazing traits. It is truly an object to explore and ponder about. Strangely, if you twist it an even amount of times, the loop has 2 sides, if odd, 1 side.