Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Computer viruses

Computer viruses have been running rampart these days, infecting every program that is in their way. One of the most malicious things is Spyware, a program that enters a computer through downloads or email and covertly steals personal information and passwords from the unlucky user of the computer. There have been many legitimate programs out there to search and destroy, but most of them are just trial versions and require that the user buy the full version to get complete security. And many people have done so and computer viruses aren’t attacking them anytime soon. This brings up yet another problem. Rogue programs. A little while back, I was getting sick of McAfee telling me to get a Windows security system. So I went on the Internet and downloaded a Spyware eliminator called Spyware Guard 2009. This was a big mistake on my part because not only did it send false messages to my desktop telling me to get the full version of the product, or the computer would be overrun, but it also sent Spyware programs into my computer, eventually slowing it down to crashing point. I reinstalled the system and restored it to factory condition and lo and behold, the “security system” redownloaded itself. I had no other choice. I went on the Internet again to get a program that erases Malware like this rogue program and it did the job. The program was gone. A few programs for people to avoid are the following: Anti-Virus Gold (not to be confused with the legitimate program AVG), Spyware Guard 2009/2008, Spyware Sheriff, and others.

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