Tuesday, March 17, 2009

St. Patrick ’s Day

Today is St. Patrick ’s Day. This day is here to commemorate the Saint from millennia ago who converted hundreds of thousands of people into Christianity. He was born in Wales, captured by the Vikings and sent to Ireland as a slave. On night, he heard God talking to him in his sleep, telling him to escape at all costs. He escaped and started a strange way of being a missionary. He would walk right into another religious sect ruled by their chieftain and start to preach. Once, the chieftain captured him and was about to kill him, when he bestowed pity on him, gave him money and his own church. In 664 A.D. he became a saint. He spent the rest of his life preaching. In the 1800’s, during the potato famine, millions of Irish immigrants came to the United States, where they continued to go about their customs. On St. Patrick ’s Day, they marched in a parade of over 15000 people. The politicians were dazzled and decided to march with them. After a few years, St. Patrick ’s Day was integrated into American Culture and here we are today, on the several thousandth anniversary of that celebration. Curiously, today is also the same day as the British Evacuation from Dorchester Heights during the revolutionary war.

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