Monday, March 16, 2009

A poem: The Flood

Part 1

The moon shines upon a shadowy sea
The water ripples
The wind howls
The ocean trembles

A wave breaks upon the darkened shore
A few more follow.
A tranquil ocean suddenly turns into
A raging storm

Storm clouds gather on the cold horizon
Streams of rain sprinkle down
Spray of silvery splinters
Sprinkles turn into showers

Water collects along the shoreline
Waves start crashing
Washing up the sandy plain
Wading through the land

Part 2

The collecting water turns into more than a puddle
It turns into a lake on shore
The water steadily rises
And flows further inshore

The buildup increases at an incredible rate
Five feet, ten feet, then twenty feet deep
It rushes toward the shore, a mighty monster
Picking up trees and wreaking havoc far and wide
Suddenly the supporter of life turns into death
The water consumes everything leaving nothing behind
An unstoppable force. Unyielding, invincible.
A vortex

Villages, trees, cars and buses
Buildings three stories tall
Nothing could resist its almighty force
It played with its victims, all succumbing to its mind numbing advancement

Throwing things aside with ease
Whirlpools dragging things down
The freezing wind adding a cold factor
When will it ever end?

It didn’t end
It raged on swallowing up the countryside in a raging wave
The greatest flood of all time
A rising dragon

It seemed it was all over
A whole country, submerged, freezing
The island gone
Swallowed by the void

Part 3

A beam of light came down from the heavens
Shining through the dismal stormclouds
A beacon, a sign
The water started to melt away

Twenty feet, ten feet, five feet
Then nothing

As the tough survivors came down from the hills and mountains
An amazing sight met their eyes
Their cities and towns and houses
All gone

All that was left was…
A paradise
Trees and rolling plains
Lands of purity

The flood had come and gone washing everything away
Rendering the earth anew
It had destroyed them
But it had saved them

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